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Richard B. Parkinson
Guest researcher (2009)

Richard Parkinson trained at the University of Oxford, where he was subsequently the Lady Wallis Budge Junior Research Fellow in Egyptology at University College. Since 1991 he has held the post of Assistant Keeper in the Department of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan at the British Museum, and he has lectured widely at European universities, including Oxford, Göttingen and Cologne. His main area of research is the poetry of Middle Kingdom Egypt (c. 2000-1600 BC), its forms, transmission and social context, as well as critical editions of literary compositions; his publications in this field have established his reputation as one of the leading scholars of ancient Egyptian literature.

In addition to numerous articles he has published several monographs, including Reading Egyptian Poetry (Blackwells, 2009), The Painted Tomb-Chapel of Nebamun (British Museum Press, 2008), Poetry and Culture in Middle Kingdom Egypt (Athlone Press, 2002), The Tale of Sinuhe and Other Ancient Egyptian Poems 1940-1640 BC (Oxford University Press, 1997), Voices from Ancient Egypt (British Museum Press, 1991), and The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant (Griffith Institute, 1991).

Project: A commentary on the Eloquent Peasant.